Course Feedback: How is the Course Working for you?

Please use this space to outline any changes or suggestions for the course. What kind of support or content is missing? Are there any mechanisms or learning strategies that would help you be more successful? Do you need more content, reading, clarification, examples etc. Please feel free to be honest and direct. I will take these suggestions and notes to amend the course. Remember, my goal is to facilitate your academic success in this course. I thank you in advance for your time.






3 responses to “Course Feedback: How is the Course Working for you?”

  1. AC Avatar

    This course is very different from any I have ever taken. It was hard to adjust to at first for me, just because I am a very deadline oriented person. Now that I have gotten into the swing of things I actually really enjoy this format. One revision I might consider making for future courses would be to make the first post have a reasonable deadline. I know for me at least I got quite a bit behind at that beginning and it felt very overwhelming. I think if the first post had a deadline in the first couple of weeks it may have helped me acclimate a bit faster. Overall, I really enjoy this course and I appreciate how available you make yourself for students.


    1. love2dance Avatar

      Hi! I definitely agree with you, in the beginning, I really was struggling with making deadlines for myself so I like your suggestion. I think this format will definitely help all of us develop our organizational skills and learn to hold ourselves accountable!


  2. love2dance Avatar

    I’ve taken 2 asynchronous courses in college and I went through a year of online classes due to covid, so I’m pretty used to the way online classes work, but I haven’t really had a class in a format like this before. At first, I was a bit thrown off by how everything had no due date, and I didn’t think I’d be able to discipline myself. But then I realized it was kind of better for me. If I was having an extra busy week I was able to put off the work from this course for one week and catch up the next when I felt less overwhelmed. I like that aspect because then I can find time in my own schedule, but then sometimes it also makes me anxious if I’m falling behind or not. The only thing that was hard for me, in the beginning, was the accessibility of the textbook. It was very expensive even if it was used, so I wasn’t expecting to spend that much on the textbook yet, but it is very useful for the course. Overall, I think more lectures would be helpful because I think a lot of people are visual learners and like looking at a slideshow, but I do like this course.


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